Vapex Battery, 9,9V 750 mAh, LI-FE, sticks

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The latest in Airsoft battery technology. Li-Fe has a longer life cycle as well as better thermal performance (good performance in high and low temperature) than Li-Po battery does. During use in airsoft guns, thermal stability is very important, other batteries can get too hot to use. Another important factor is the 9.9V voltage. For most standard Airsoft guns, an 11.1V battery has too high voltage for the motors and the gears, and could ruin the gun. A 9.9V Li-Fe has perfect voltage for high performance Airsoft guns.​Ideal battery for EVO scorpion .Exceptionally high quality lithium-ferric-phosphate (LiFePO4) power battery pack. Arguably this is one of the best battery technologies currently available. Thesebattery packs have a similar power to weight ratio to lithium-polymer (Lipo) batteries, but arefar more tolerant to over & under charging. In extreme situations where a lipo battery may ignite,a LiFe battery will most likely just vent some harmless gas.LiFe batteries have low self discharge & at 9.9V nicely fills the gap between 7.4V & 11.1V lipos.In many cases a 7.4V lipo just isn’t quite powerful enough, whereas an 11.1V is too much.As standard this battery is supplied with a Mini-Tamiya connector, wired for airsoft use, however,we can also supply it with a range of other connectors – as always, just ask (before ordering) ifyou don’t see the one you need.The balance lead is fitted with a 3-pin JST-XH type connector.Max Discharge Current:15A Continous,     30A  Burst  21SP- 20C Continuous    40C Burst Max Charge Current:750mAMax Charged Voltage:10.8V   3.6V per cellMin Discharged Voltage: 8.4V  2.8V per cellPower & balance lead16/22awg silicon leads.The battery is supplied with detailed instructions for safe use, charging & storage, please take a few minutes & read them carefully.

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